Opening in Cala D’Or

Mallorca - A place where Danilo has already spent much of his time. But not by embracing the sun on the beautiful white beaches or by enjoying life at popular party locations on the Island, like many tourists probably would. No, Danilo was on the road! Of course by bike, during the training camps that were part throughout his 20 year-long professional cycling career. Last autumn Danilo has retired as one of the most successful german road racing cyclists ever. Majorca and the passion for cycling remained in his heart. So why not try to combine these fields of interest!?

Exactly this is, what Hondo did. Together with his business partners Heinz Betz and Gregor Braun he opened up the Danilo Hondo E-Point at the beginning of April. A bicycle rental including a little shop. E-Bikes and Danilo Hondo, the racing cyclist? – E-Bikes and Majorca, known as a road cycle paradise? Things that didn’t seem to harmonize at first sight. But Danilo is confident: “New green mobility concepts, this is one of the major topics in the moment. E-Bikes are experiencing a strong upsurge and start capturing the market, even of cyclists with sporty ambitions. We like it and want to support this trend.”

50 E-Bikes are available at the Danilo Hondo E-Point. The rider gets assistance from a 250 watt electric motor. The battery allows you to cover up to 62 miles. A GPS-Boardcomputer and route proposals can be rented additionally. The rental E-Bike for one day costs 32€, when hiring a bike for more than 4 days, the price is 18€ per day. “Electricity is included“, Hondo jokes and adds “With our E-Bikes we provide vacationists a sporty, environmentally friendly possibility to be mobile during their stay, without the need to rent a car or a scooter.” In former times bike rides over 31 miles and mountainous landscapes were formidable hurdles. Today, with the possibility to rent an E-Bike, there are no excuses left.

Hondo sees also further potential in the region. The East Coast, in comparison to other parts of the Island hasn’t been detected by many cyclists so far. But it’s a very scenic region. Our aim is to enable a broader public to experience and access to the beauty of the natural and cultural landscape and the cycling atmosphere.

For the further future recharging points on the Island and accumulators as well as regularly guided tours with Danilo Hondo or one of his numerous famous cycling colleagues and friends are planned. The function of the E-Point isn’t limited to be a hire station and sales shop for cycling equipment. The intention was furthermore to create a meeting point for the cycling scene. Jan Ullrich and Andreas Klöden already stopped by for a cup of coffee. “From time to time current and former racing cyclists, will drop in”, promises Hondo.